Is a Customised Panel the optimal solution for your clinic?

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Whether you are a solo practitioner or a larger clinic with multiple team members we will work with you to curate the optimal customised solution for you.
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Colabs has significant experience working with practitioners to develop innovative testing solutions for their practices in order to offer a one-stop shop! Here’s how a Customised Panel can be a positive addition:

  • A customised approach can cut down valuable clinic time on researching all the various different test options; let us do that for you and then we can discuss the variety of tests on offer in your chosen area and get the right markers for you curated into your own panel
  • By taking a customised approach we can support you with the clinical flow of how you are using tests with your clients, including how to stack them. Depending on how results come back we can create robust flow-charts that are easy for your clients to understand about what test may come next for them, and when and why repeat tests might be required
  • We can streamline the ordering process for you. Just one email to us and several test kits can be ordered and on their way to your clients
  • We can liaise with phlebotomists on your behalf in order to streamline the draw service for your clients!
  • We offer technical support for all our tests, but with our customised service we can also offer training for your team on key interpretation details relating to the tests you are offering through our service

Want even more? Talk to us about your requirements and we can deliver an optimal, customised solution for you.To book a call to discuss our Customised Panel Service please email