Pioneering Protocols

Colabs specialise in bringing evidence-based, pioneering protocols to our practitioner community. Protocols such as the Bredesen Protocol, Shoemaker Protocol and Prodrome Protocol have all been brought to the European market by Colabs.

We are fully supported by the Apollo Health team for the Bredesen panel testing that we offer and are the only company in Europe offering testing that is validated by Apollo Health. Similarly, we enjoy support from Dr Dayen Goodenowe and the Prodrome Team for the Prodrome Protocol testing, and Dr Shoemaker and the CIRS community for the Shoemaker Protocol.

In 2021 we added Lab4More testing to support the Micro-Immunotherapy Protocol and more recently in 2022 have added the Walsh Protocol to our growing list of well recognised Protocols.

We also offer extensive training and education on all of the our supported Protocols.

If there is a novel Protocol you would like to discuss with us in order to bring it to the wider practitioner community, or you would like to enquire about specialised training for any of the Protocols listed above please contact