IBS Smart™ (SIBO Antibody Testing)


Suitable for assessing diarrhoea or mixed-type symptoms of IBS associated with food poisoning/gastroenteritis (anti-vinculin autoimmunity typically develops 3-4 months post infection).

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Sample: Blood draw required
Results due: 14 days

Analytes: Anti CdtB, Anti-vinculin Abs

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Lab Partner:
Gemelli/Pacific DX

Gemelli means ‘twins’, or in this case a twin purpose. Gemelli works to bring scientific discoveries that unlock the potential of the microbiome to market, based on high-level patient studies developed in conjunction with an expert medical team. Gemelli Biotech has an exclusive license with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to bring ibs-smart® the blood test for IBS, to the practitioner market through their lab partner, Pacific DX located in Irvine, California. We are excited to bring the ibs-smart® test to the European market to support the understanding of post-infectious IBS, or IBS caused by food poisoning. ibs-smart® is a simple blood test that looks for the elevation of two biomarkers in those patients with diarrhea or mixed IBS symptoms. These biomarkers are antibodies called anti-CdtB and anti-vinculin. If either antibody is elevated, IBS can be diagnosed with up to 100% positive predictive value. A post-infectious IBS diagnosis offers practitioners more detailed information, allowing for a more custom treatment plan for their patients and can help patients avoid more invasive and expensive procedures like colonoscopies.