Dental Cavitation Swab


The full initial dental cavitation swab test considers both gram positive and gram negative bacterial presence, including Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus, a bacteria which, when antibiotic resistance is found is known as Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coag. Neg. Staph. (MARCoNS). If the test is positive for MARCoNS the sample will be analysed for MARCoNS-specific biofilm. Fungi are also tested which can be useful if assessing dust samples/urinary mycotoxins/immune reactivity for exposure to specific moulds and fungi. Repeat testing can be undertaken for specific markers rather than repeating the whole test. This test forms part of our CIRS test panel roster, as studies show MARCoNS has a bi-directional relationship with the hormone alpha melanocyte stimulating hormone (aMSH) which is frequently low in CIRS patients.

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MD101 Cavitation Swab Full Initial Test- Bacteria, Biofilm, Fungus - PP £344.00/ RRP £364.00

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Sample: Cavitation Swab

Results due: Bacteria/Biofilm  14 days, Fungi28 days

Analytes: Bacteria spp, biofilm, fungal spp

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Lab Partner:
Microbiology DX

MicrobiologyDX is a CLIA certified and licensed microbiology laboratory. MDX providetesting for those who are concerned about bacterial and fungal exposure relatedto the toxic ‘soup' found in water damaged buildings. MDX specialise in MARCoNStesting, but offer wider bacterial, biofilm and fungal testing so exposure canbe assessed in more detail. Colabs offer technical support for results, and formore complex cases we can facilitate consultations with Dr. J. Musto, Presidentand Director of Laboratory Medicine.