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Meeting of Mould Minds Round-Table

Thu, Mar 7th 2024
Start: 6:30 pm
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Louise Carder
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In a first of its kind event Louise Carder will be hosting an evening round-table,
discussing latest news from the biotoxin illness community around the world. Global experts will be sharing latest research update snapshots with discussion time to close. This dynamic session aims to deliver top-level summaries in key areas of research and clinical expertise in biotoxin illness.

Time: 6.30pm-7.45pm
Live and livestream

£39 early bird until 30 November, £59 thereafter.

This event is available either livestream or live, so please send an email after booking with your preference.

£ 59.00 GBP

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Biotoxin illness Intensive ( MasterClass)

Thu, Mar 7th 2024
Start: 8:37 am
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Louise Carder, Dr Doringer & Dr Scott McMahon
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Interested in a deeper dive into Biotoxin illness? This event is a half day intensive workshop for those working in the Chronic inflammation/Biotoxin illness field, particularly those who have undertaken training in CIRS. This is a focused live event facilitated by Louise Carder, Dr Eric Dorninger and Dr Scott McMahon. This will be a unique opportunity for a deeper dive clinical conversation. Case presentations will be included.

Time: 12.30-5.30pm
In-person event

£ 150.00 GBP

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CIRS-EU: Envirohealth Forum 2024 "Does Mould Really Matter"Conference

Sat, Mar 9th 2024
Start: 8:00 am
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The inaugural Envirohealth Forum 2024 Conference will be held on 9th March in London. This event will bring together leading global experts in health effects from water-damaged environments. Whilst there is no disagreement on whether mould impacts on human health, this conference will explore the ways in which this happens, where there is consensus and where there are still key questions that need to be addressed, and what other factors may need to be considered.We will be joined by leading researchers, practitioners and indoor environmental professionals, to deliver a Conference that covers both human impacts as well as the environmental factors that drive the risk.

Time: 8am to 5pm
Live and livestream

£150 early bird until 30 November, £185 thereafter

£ 185.00 GBP

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Previous London Events

If you’ve missed any of our events in the past, you can still gain access below.

Biotoxins in Clinical Practice Training Course

Wed, Jan 31st 2024
Start: 7:00 pm
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Dr McMahon | Dr Dorninger | Louise Carder
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The journey from mycotoxins and mould to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)

31st Jan, 7th Feb online & live 1 day final session in London 8th March

The Colab Services Team are delighted to deliver a repeat of our successful Biotoxins in Clinical Practice Training Course from 2022, which was the first of its kind to be run in the UK. The course will again be delivered by leading global experts. You will learn all you need to know about mould, mycotoxins and CIRS; how to identify at risk-clients and effectively utilise a biotoxin protocol in clinical practice. We will take you through the necessary steps to feel confident to work with clients affected by biotoxin illness.

This training course is a primer course for the Shoemaker Proficiency Partner training which is the first official step to becoming full certified in the Shoemaker Protocol.

The course comprises:
• Three 2 hour online training session at 7-9pm on the 31st Jan, 7th Feb and 28th Feb 2024
• 1-day live training event in London on 8th March, where you get to meet course leaders and your cohort in person

This training is part of the Colabs’ Pioneering Protocols series. For further details please call us on +44 (0) 1522 846 902

Included in the ticket price are:
• 16 hours of CPD education
• Lunch and refreshments on the 8th March 24
• Clinical expertise from leading global experts Dr McMahon and Dr Dorninger
• Opportunity to network with like-minded practitioners

Our Faculty includes:

Dr McMahon, a Paediatrician from Roswell, new Mexico, who was the first certified Shoemaker practitioner, and is now a leading CIRS Medico-legal expert and educator

Dr Dorninger, a Naturopathic Doctor from Boulder, Colorado. Eric is a leading educator in CIRS as well as running a busy practice in Boulder.

Louise Carder, A Nutritional Therapist from the UK. Louise was the first Nutritionist certified in the Shoemaker Protocol and is still the only Shoemaker Certified practitioner in Europe.

“This is a ‘must attend’ event if you want to work with clients affected by biotoxin illness, or want to up-skill if you are already working in this field”

Please note, the offer of £249.00 is only available until the 30th November, after this date the cost of the course will be £299