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CIRSx Conference 2022

Louise Carder
Louise Carder
Written on
May 9, 2022

The Conference

Colabs were delighted to be Sponsors of the CIRSx Annual Conference 2022. The Conference comprised 28 speakers from the Practitioner, Research, Legal, Indoor Environmental Professional and Remediation communities as well as two first-hand patient perspectives. Practitioners were both Naturopathic as well as Medical, with some focusing on testing to guide clinical decision-making and others speaking on biochemical processes, and everyone speaking to the effects on clients in terms of symptoms and working someone through a Protocol.  


The combination of speakers stood out the most for us and made the Conference quite unique. The keynote speaker was a legal expert, who explained how he won a $48 million dollar lawsuit on behalf of a client affected by mould exposure in their home! Health effects from environmental exposures are real and the health effects for many can be devastating. The Conference was a sobering reminder of how important this work is, and how we have a duty to work at the highest standard in this area to give our clients the best support possible.


On a lighter note the Conference was well attended with both virtual and on-site attendees. The venue was a hotel right on the sea front as you can see from the photographs below. The floor to ceiling windows gave the most spectacular panoramic view over the ocean and city and on the Saturday and Sunday we had additional entertainment courtesy of the annual Fort Lauderdale Air show!

Our favourite practitioner speakers included:

Ming Dooley following up on her incredible comprehensive review of mold research literature 2011-2018, with her soon to be published latest paper on Mold and Fatigue.


Dr Jodie Dashore on Pregnancy, Mould and the ASD Connection. This presentation covered Jodie’s extensive experience working with paediatric patients and their families and included PANS and Lyme cases.


Jenny Johnson added to her previous presentation on CIRS and overwhelm.  As well as being a Physical Therapist, Jenny is an amazing health coach who works virtually with clients to support their journey through therapeutic programmes such as the Bredesen and Shoemaker Protocols.


Dr Craig Tanio’s presentation on Changing Medical Paradigms- Reversing Cognitive Decline was an interesting dive in to the latest study on the Bredesen Protocol.


Dr Lysander Jim gave an exceptional presentation on Distinct Immune Injuries from Environmental Exposures to Water-Damaged Buildings


Dr Ritchie Shoemaker gave a tantalising presentation on Actinobacteria and Small Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis: So many ways to create metabolic havoc!


Dr Shoemaker was also inducted into the CIRSX Hall of Fame!


Conferences, as ever, are a great chance to meet old friends and make new ones and this event was no exception. We look forward to welcoming some of our new friends as speakers at Colabs events in due course!

Join the Community!

If you have not considered becoming a member of the CIRSX Community please visit and if you would like to become a Shoemaker Proficiency Partner or become fully certified information can be found via the CIRSX website or via the site.


If you want to learn more about environmental exposures and working with clients in this area then do reach out to us at  We will be running our own introduction to the topic in September 2022 so do look out for details.


In the meantime the next CIRSX virtual event is on July 15th and our own Louise Carder will be presenting the follow-up to her histamine research focusing on the GENIE marker CCL5 and how this correlates with inflammatory processes.  To sign up for this event please visit